About Us

Welcome to Ghz Networks, a leading provider of specialized services and products designed to optimize network security, provide high speed hosting and support secure customer networks. With an established reputation for implementing new technologies, we fully understand the importance of keeping your network environment safe, secure and efficient. Our talented team of experts are extremely proactive in circumventing networking and hosting problems thereby providing the most cutting edge and effective solutions. We offer cost effective services to both the advanced and beginner companies assuring the security of a computing environment that impacts dynamically on a company’s goals.

Our primary services include:
  • High Speed Internet Access

  • Secure Backup Solutions

  • Office Networking

Services and Solutions That Work!

We at Ghz Networks know that in today’s high tech world, it is essential that a company feel secure in the knowledge that it operates at the highest level of efficiency. When you consider the severe consequences of a computer crashing and the loss of everything in your system, the costs are severe and the results agonizing. To be sure that nothing of this magnitude ever happens, we offer options that keep your operations up and running constantly. Whether your need is to improve your bottom line results or you simply want to get your business operating at maximum efficiency, our advanced services will assure you of a system that works productively all the time.

Our services include:
  • High-tech applications, network and infrastructure solutions

  • Limitless storage capacity for backups

  • Backups and restorations as fast as your Internet connection will support

  • High speed Internet access

  • Strong encryption for superior security

Problems Handled Before They Occur!

Ghz Networks' vast experience, exceptional customer service and quick response make us the right choice for all your network needs. If you’re ready to learn more about the power of our expertise, please feel free to contact us at 1-512-981-7115 or e-mail us at and speak with one of our expert representatives.